Instagram Sitters

A new service offered by a Swiss hotel chain Ibis Hotels is called ”Relax We Post”.  The idea of this unique new service is for guests to be able to take a break and fully enjoy their holiday, however to still be able to keep their social media accounts up to date.

In order to use the service, guests just need to prove their Instagram login information with the Instagram sitters of the hotel, and they will take over the accounts and will post stories and photos on their behalf. They will even reply to comments upon request.

Rather than spending their entire vacation focusing on cool photos to upload to Instagram, social media addicts staying at one of 17 Ibis Hotels in Geneva and Zurich can just pass over their work.

The new service pays very close attention to trends, in order to ensure gets will have the best possible stay, without the least amount of worries.

The hotel chain also sees this as profitable and beneficial for themselves as well, since many travelers are going to places that appear to be the most attractive on Instagram. By ensuring that there are constant and quality posts about the area and the hotel, they can assume that it will bring them more business.

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