Instagram Eliminates ‘Like’ Feature

Instagram is a main social media platform that people around the world use to share, like, comment and post pictures of their everyday adventures and life. As much as we love using this platform, there has been many studies showing how social media is not beneficial to one self.

The second we post a picture we instantly start refreshing our page just to see the likes and comments flooding in. And when the likes are at an all time low, we start to feel under pressure and bad about ourselves. As much as Instagram’s purpose is not to make teens feel poorly about themselves it has turned into a platform that causes nothing but mental health issues and a multitude of problems.

Not only has Instagram been a way to define likability but it has given people a way to measure popularity or success. Instagram’s purpose is to simply share one’s story with the world and friends, not to bring people down.

Once Instagram got a hold of the issue, they decided to put the idea of no likes to the test. This movement is an attempt to try and eliminate the wrong idea users have about the social media application.

To see if this idea works, Instagram first launched a trial in Canada in May and is now starting new tests in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Japan and Brazil. In due time the company hopes to see a shift in users experience on the application, possibly making no likes an international policy.