Inspiring Street Art

Street art has become a popular form of self-expression and a means of sharing powerful messages with the public through beauty. One of the main reasons why it has become a popular form of art is because it stands for freedom and creativity. It can also make someone’s commute to work or school more interesting. Here are some of the most inspiring and magical works of street art seen across the globe.


Step By Step




While these steps might not be your typical mural – they are surely a work of art that can make every step a memorable one! Painted in Turkey, this is every Instagram star’s dream come true.



When In Rome




While people may come to Italy for the pizza, pasta, and gelato, they surely stay for the magic in the air, and the incredible sights throughout its unique cities – including one of a kind street art.


Photography In The Philippines




Not only is this mural one to seriously not miss – but this picture has perfectly captured the essence of the mural, appearing as though the woman in the mural is photographer this passerby.



Walking On Water




This incredible 3D mural makes it seem as though this man is actually walking on water! While he obviously isn’t actually walking on water, there is still something so magical here that takes us to another parallel universe.


Incredible Illusions




Somehow, this talented artist managed to create some real wild illusions – and make it seem as though this lady is actually lying on a sofa, while she’s really just lying on the floor of a transit station. Absolutely epic!



Brooklyn Style


GettyImages/BarcroftMedia/Barcroft Media


This colorful Brooklyn mural is one of many that create the magical vibe in the unique New York borough – filled with style, culture, color, love and hipster vibes at every step.


Creative In Columbia




This street art is to be seen on the streets of Colombia and is one seriously creative, colorful, and lively piece that shows no shortage of emotions and expressions.



Colors Of The Wind




The contrasts here between black and white and colors are absolutely breathtaking – and make for one of the most powerful street art pieces of all time, that simply can’t be missed by any passerby in Rio De Janerio, Brazil.


Self Expression




Well, would we ever love to live in this building, or at least one that was half as beautiful as this one! While most street art is to be seen on flat walls, this building lucked one with some seriously stunning work done to make it stand out and bring beauty to everything surrounding it.



Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White




This is one seriously beautiful tribute to the iconic king of pop Michael Jackson, and truly depicts the truth to his legendary song – it doesn’t matter what if you’re black or white through all these magical colors.


All Eyes On Me




While we’re not sure what this Colombian artist really had in mind in his work, perhaps he’s trying to send a message that we’re always being watched from all angles – and in turn should always do good. But it’s up to each viewer to interpret this beauty as they wish.



Look Deeper




This mural was made as a peace effort in Columbia and perhaps is a chance to look deeper into the lives and eyes of others. We’re all in the same boat, we’re all just innocent souls, and this is beautifully depicted through these colorful eyes.