Inside Drake’s Private Jet

Let’s take a look inside Drake’s brand new Boeing 767-200 private jet. It’s not easy traveling back and forth from city to city, thankfully ‘Drake air’ makes it that much easier for the Canadian born star. The jet interior is fully customized with velvet couches, carpeted flooring, an entertainment theatre room and to top it off embellished gold detail lining the walls. The aircraft can comfortably seat 30 passengers with plenty of private suites to choose from. But that’s not all, the infamous OVO Owl which is the logo featured on Drake’s clothing brand is encrypted on the tail of the jet in style.

The jet is in fact enlisted under the Canadian Cargojet company (an Ontario based cargo airline that operates internationally) which provided Drake with this luxury, free of charge. You may be wondering, what in the world are they getting out of this? The answer is plain and simple-none other than publicity. Drake has spoken out saying, “Supporting homegrown businesses has always been a top priority of mine, so when an opportunity came up to get involved with a great Canadian company I was honored to do so.”

However, this flight gem is not as shiny and new as you may think. It’s actually been around since 1996 as a freight cargo plane, this explains its unusually big size for a private jet. If you ask Drake- this could come with its downsides for example spending a total of one million dollars in fuel every year. Drake spent an estimated 100 million to remodel the plane. His 30 million followers on social media got a glimpse of the jet’s interior sparking a lot of attention and publicity.

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