Increase In Private Jet Usage

We are all well aware that private jets aren’t exactly the best thing for the environment. But now with the coronavirus epidemic, it’s, unfortunately, encouraging the wealthy to take their private jets out even more often, especially since countless airlines have been canceling flights both to and from China.

Those that don’t have the privilege of flying on a private jet are getting stuck either trying to come into, or leave China due to Coronavirus, and although such restrictions placed on China flights still do apply to all citizens, the wealthy aren’t exactly following the rules.

According to sources, there has been a significant increase in inquiries for private jets in order to avoid contact with others and potentially get infected. 

But even if they are able to get to and from China on their private jet, entering and leaving China also isn’t the best way to avoid Coronavirus and will have no choice but to stay in quarantine for two full weeks, making them unable to continue working and carry on with their daily lives. 

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