In Honor of Daft Punk: Three Great Songs

It was just yesterday when Daft Punk announced the end of their journey as a musical group. In typical grandiose Daft Punk fashion. they went out guns blazing, sending the message via a grand music video named Epilogue. Spanning a length of seven minutes, the video was published on their official social media accounts both on Youtube and Facebook. Despite not hearing any new music from Daft Punk for approximately 5 years, fans were naturally devastated. Truth be told, so were we, which is why we decide to compile a brief list of some of our favorite Daft Punk tunes, in honorable memory of all the good times and feels we owe to their music.


Veridis Quo



Daft Punk’s music is notoriously suitable for long night drives through both urban metropolises and country grasslands. This particular song has a mesmerizing effect so deep that it could effectively tear a five-minute forty-five-second hole in time. The smooth organ line would kick in, and before we knew it, we leaped a whole song into the future, ready and willing to go through the whole experience yet again.



Human After All



The first track of Daft Punk’s album of the same name. Human After All saw Daft Punk handcraft a sprawling mechanical soundscape. Where previous Daft Punk albums had always flirted with inhuman sounds and themes, the most prevalent of which being aliens and robots, they were always thoroughly warm and cozy. This album, however, is when Daft Punk brought their interest in the inhuman to the forefront; it’s an abrasive, cold, unrelentingly groovy album.


Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas)



It was in Random Acess Memories, Daft Punk’s final album when they had finally made a full circle back into the realm of the organic. Nothing was more symbolic of this drastic turn in trajectory than their cooperation with the acclaimed Indie-Rock musician Julian Casablancas. The tune saw Daft Punk use their extensive mastery of musical production not to dazzle and stagger the listener with turbulent, technical grooves, but to finely polish simpler, earthlier pop songs.