In-Flight Scorpion

Shockingly, this is not the first instance where an animal has made it on to an airline flight without anyone catching notice of it until the plane was mid-air. Just recently, a United Airlines passenger was in flight on the way to Atlanta from San Francisco when she was presented with a not so lovely surprise.

While sitting in her seat, the passenger saw a scorpion fall from her pant leg. Realizing that this creature was in her presence, it was noticed that she was stung multiple times. Frantic, she immediately called for assistance.

When the United Airlines flight attendants got ahold of the situation they immediately came in contact with doctors on the ground. This ensured that the situation was being handled properly and if the women needed medical assistance the flight attendants would be able to help her to the best of their ability. As the flight touched down, there were medical personnel awaiting the stung passenger’s arrival.

Scorpions are known for there venomous sting. Thankfully, most scorpions do not give off such a sting that can cause physical harm to a person. Either way, being stung by such a creature is quite alarming so the reaction of any passenger on the flight is definitely understandable.

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