Impeccable 4th of July Side Dishes

Independence Day is right around the corner, and we all know that there truly is no better way to celebrate our hard-earned freedom than scorching fatty slabs of meat on a Walmart barbeque. Or is it actually best to make a 15-cheeses mac & cheese? Oh, we don’t know. There are so many classic 4th of July recipes to choose from. That’s why we compiled a brief list of our favorite Independence Day eats.




coleslaw in a jar

Gettyimages / Vlad Fishman / Moment


There’s no slaw like coleslaw. Whether you choose to go full-on mayo freak coleslaw, concocting a mayonnaise-cabbage ratio of approximately 90 to 10, or whether you go for a healthier rendition of the classic dish, such as the tried and true cabbage seed, garlic, and lemon coleslaw, coleslaw is truly a must-have for any 4th of July barbeque.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese


American baked mac and cheese in a pot

Gettyimages / Natasha Bren / Moment


There are so many ways to go about making mac ‘n’ cheese, but one of our favorites has got to be the baconized version of the classic pasta dish. No matter the way in which you actually go about making the mac, just add a bit of juicy, fried bacon into the fray. Trust us, your taste buds will definitely thank you later, although your digestive system may not. Thankfully, it’s the 4th of July, so we don’t have to listen to our digestive systems.


Grilled corn salad


grilled corne on plate

Gettyimages / Manny Rodriguez


There really isn’t anything to say about grilled corn salad that isn’t already there in the name of the dish. You can have it with avocadoes, cherry tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, goat cheese, peanuts, mint; what can’t you have it with? It’s incredibly easy to cook as well: boil a bit of corn, grill it, cut it up, and toss it into a bowl along with the rest of your grilled corn salad ingredients.


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