Immune To Pain

A seventy-one year old woman from Scotland, Jo Cameron is among the two people in the entire world who are reported to be immune to all forms of pain, caused by a genetic mutation.

Somehow, Jo Cameron only discovered her rare and highly strange mutation at the late age of sixty five years old. Upon going through a difficult operation in her hand, doctors realized that she did not require any form of pain killers during the process.

Despite warnings that she would experience severe pain following the surgery, she was perfectly fine, which led doctors to perform a series of tests on her. Tests showed that Cameron in fact is one of two people in the world with this genetic mutation that is believed to play a significant role in memory and mood.

The fact that Cameron even had surgery performed on her hand is an interesting story in and of itself.  Here and there, she would walk rather lop-sided, but since she never actually experienced any pain, doctors never felt the need to perform a mere x-ray.

Only much later on did a doctor decide to look further, only to discover a severe case of joint deterioration that would not have been possible to carry on without painkillers.  Cameron had her hip replaced, and while recovering at the hospital, doctors noticed that her thumbs were also deformed, and in turn, scheduled her for double hand surgery.

This process is generally known to be an incredibly painful one, yet Jo felt absolutely nothing. Once questioned, Jo revealed that she felt no pain while giving birth as well, and once thinking back, she also revealed that on multiple occasions she would burn herself on the stove and would feel just fine.

Doctors are hopeful that this rare discovery can help them develop a revolutionary painkillers for post-surgery patients. It may be unlikely that we will be a painless as Cameron, but hopefully we can take at least something from her mutation to advance the future of recovery.

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