Illegal Immigrant Cow To Be Executed

ABulgarian pregnant cow has in fact been sentenced to death for crossing the border into Serbia illegally.  Apparently, she was unaware that Serbia was not a part of the European Union, and was unable to return to her home country without sufficient paperwork.

Penka, the innocent cow broke away from her herd in a small Bulgarian village and made her way into Serbia.  Her owner and his sons searched for her to no end for weeks and asked the border patrol for help too.

Her owners eventually were told that she was found in Serbia.  He was incredibly relieved to be reunited with his cow, however when trying to return to Bulgaria he got some devastating news.

Border authorities notified her owner than according to law, the cow was going to have to be put down due to having entered Bulgaria from a country that was not part of the European Union without the proper papers.

They let the man bring his cow into the country, with the intention that she would be put to death in a few days.

Despite the fact that a Serbian vet had checked Penka’s health and cleared the animal for release, border authorities notified Haralampiev that, according to European Union legislation, the cow was going to have to be put down for entering Bulgaria from a non-EU country without proper import papers.

Bulgarian authorities are not phased by the fact that she is pregnant and is due in a matter of weeks, and that she crossed the border after she was chased by wolves.  In their eyes, the only thing they see is that she broke European Union legislation.

Despite having been checked by a vet in Serbia and given a clean bill of health, the law states that the animal must be killed since it could potentially be suffering from diseases, and could infect their local herds.

Animal activists have launched a petition to try to save Penka’s life.

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