Ikea Is The New Night Club To Be

Clubs are so mainstream, and so two seasons ago. Clubs got old, and teens in their early twenties began to go to bars and pubs instead of the standard night club, with earth shattering music and deep conversations over drinks.

And as students began to graduate, the older crowd too began to look for more budget friendly entertainment options and also opted for bars over clubs. Hipsters, on the other hand would never settle for a simple pub. They would opt for music bars and jazz clubs.

But somehow, real jazz fans started seeing past this trend and are straying away and seeing these places as ”trying too hard to be trendy, and are simply over it. So where does an alternative kind of person, a hipster in other words, go to for a weekend outing?

Ikea. It’s open until relatively late, until 10:00pm and it’s a place that welcomes everyone, even those with big bushy beards, and most importantly pays little attention to their unfortunate smell after their organic lentil dinner in such a spacious place.

The bright yellow letters that say Ikea are very complimentary to the blue exterior and represent the colors of the Swedish flag. Foreign culture is gold for hipsters, especially non-mainstream European countries.

The Swedish names of certain Ikea items that are completely unfamiliar make for the perfect cultural experience. Ikea is seen as an alternative heaven that even offers eclectic Swedish dishes with names we haven’t heard of either. If the organic lentil dinner of course wasn’t enough.

The confusing structure of Ikea also creates for an eventful evening and is like an escape room with different paths depending on where you begin.  And once you start the maze, there’s no going back until you find your way to the exit.

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