Iceland’s Last McDonalds Burger

Although it may seem as though McDonald’s is everywhere imaginable, Iceland is actually one of the few countries in the entire world that doesn’t have McDonald’s branches, closing its last location nearly 10 years ago.

The last McDonalds burger ever sold in Iceland, however, has been kept and somehow still looks rather edible. It was purchased by Hjortur Smarason for its historical value in 2009 right before the last location closed down.

After hearing rumors that McDonald’s food never breaks down, he decided to see how true this really was, leaving his burger and fries in a plastic bag, and he didn’t touch it for an entire 3 years.

After Hjortur found that the burger and fries stayed in perfect condition for 3 years, he decided to lend it to the National Museum of Iceland. It’s moved around a few times and is now at the Sontra House, where it has been put on display, similar to a work of art.

It may just be a burger – but people from across the globe have been coming to see the very last McDonald’s burger in Iceland. There’s also a live feed camera that can be seen at all times, and is reported to get as much as 400,000 hits on a daily basis!

The fact that the burger has stayed intact for 10 years already may be bringing publicity to the Sontra House, but it’s not exactly the best thing for McDonald’s….

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