Hurricane Safety Tips

As hurricane season approaches, we can’t help but feel the intensity of the time all around us. While we try to do everything in our power to stay safe, hydrated and well nourished, hurricane season can tend to be tricky.

Thankfully, with updated weather reports we usually are aware of the intensity and closeness of the natural disaster. This in turn provides civilians with a decent amount of time to get prepared for what could come there way.

There are a multitude of items that are recommended to own while hurricanes come and go. Being that we aren’t sure on how long they can be in one area for or if the intensity predicted is accurate, it is better to be safe than sorry.

According to National Geographic, “The Department of Homeland Security recommends that coastal residents store at least three days worth of food, in anticipation of a hurricane.” This barrier of food gives residents enough time to figure out there next step if the hurricane does not pass in the time being or the devastation in the area is harmful.

Other recommendations include: charging electronics and portable batteries, placing storm shutters on all windows, stocking up on water, medication, protective clothing, batteries, flashlights, important documentaries, evacuation plan/ road map and of course, a full tank of gas.

Having these essential items will provide families with a safeguard when the hurricane hits land. Once the storm is in full effect in your area, make sure to stay inside your home unless believed to be in danger.

These few tips will help start a safety plan for when hurricanes decide to make a friendly appearance in your area. So the next time a hurricane decides to say hello, you’ll be able to say goodbye, real fast.

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