Hurricane Frenzy

When living in a state that is bound to encounter hurricane season, it can sometimes cause a lot of stress once the storm is officially announced. At this very moment, hurricane season has taken effect. Everyone is filling up their gas tanks, buying an excessive amount of groceries and ensuring they have enough water.

When hurricanes are approaching, usually cities go into a state of shock. Water is near to impossible to find and I mean everyone is trying to escape, especially if they do not have a generator or they know it’s about to be one brutal storm.

To prepare for a hurricane, there are many tasks and tips that the state will inform the community on. Whether it is to buy batteries for flashlights or shutter up your windows, the list is pretty much endless. This, in turn, has people preparing for literally days on end.

Even though weather broadcasters are giving communities hourly updates on the storm’s latest placement, path and strength, it is bound that any of these facts can change at any given moment. This is why it’s recommended to continuously check the weather and prepare for the storm in the worst case possible.

When a storm is about to hit land, it is advised to stay in the shelter and off the roads. Due to the unknowingness of what the storm can destruct, it is important to stay out of the danger it can bring on. Hurricanes are destructive and not stoppable, which is why people do there very best to prepare for them with the least panic possible.

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