Hunky Men To The Rescue

Unsurprisingly, restaurants have suffered greatly in the past few months, unable to stay open and run their business as usual due to lockdowns and social distancing regulations. One rather clever Bangkok restaurant however has come up with a unique and creative way to keep their restaurant sales up during these difficult times, which is, believe it or not – to use seriously hunky men as their deliverymen. If you were debating whether or not to order in some food tonight, well now you surely have your question answered! 

The restaurant is called 76 Garage and is located in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok. It was already well known for its highly attractive staff even before they started using them as a business tactic when things started to close down. But now, it’s their best shot at boosting their profits and saving their restaurant.  This past month, the restaurant offered an exciting special offer, that allowed anyone within a specific radius to have their food delivered by a muscular, hunky man if they ordered over a certain amount. And if customers desire, they can also get a picture with the delivery man, on top of just the total eye-candy experience (where can we sign up?).

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Most men, however, were, of course, not exactly as excited as women were about the promotion, but the campaign still proved to be successful and accomplish its goal. Photos of the hunky men posing shirtless exploded all over social media, which also helped to boost their sales merely from the exposure.  The hunky delivery men who were mostly former models were happy to take part in this endeavor, not only due to the fact that they got to keep their jobs and receive generous tips – but they also appreciated the interactions they were able to share with the satisfied customers. 

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