How to Style Boots

Styling boots may seem like the simplest thing in the world to some people but it can be difficult if you are still exploring what your personal style is or have not had much experience wearing them. When thinking of how you want to style your boots it is best to also think about when and where you are going to wear them. Here are a few tips that could act as guides when putting together an outfit.

When thinking of wearing an ankle boot, a good pair of jeans is anyone’s best friend, it’s important to make sure that if it’s fitted jeans make sure that they sit above the ankle so as to not cut you off. With loose-fitting jeans that same rule may not apply. Now don’t discount skirts and dresses on this front, while the same rules do not always apply. It is only when wearing long tight fitted ones should you be careful of the length.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Blasius Erlinger

Over-the-knee boots give you lots of freedom when it comes to how you are able to dress with them. However long dresses or skirts are not recommended as they cover the boot and make wearing the boots pointless. The length of jeans does not matter as you can put your boots over your jeans for a cute day or night look.

When it comes to high heel boots it’s pretty hard to go wrong with these, as they can be worn with many different types of styles. Most people, however, will categorize it as a boot for a more formal occasion so formal dresses are always a good fit with them. Fitted or flared jeans also fit well with them if you would like to go for a more casual daytime look. Hopefully, you think of these when putting together your next outfit with your best pair of boots.

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