How to Properly Grow Avocados at Home

Almost any meal can be made better by adding avocado. This healthy fruit can be found in a diverse collection of recipes from different countries and regions all over the world. Avocados can be bought at almost any grocery store, but the coolest perk about them is you can regrow them from their pit, at home! Growing an avocado tree indoors is pretty simple and doesn’t require any degree or extensive research. All you need is a leftover avocado pit and a few basic supplies, making it a fun and affordable gardening project for any age!

Whole and sliced avocado on wood

Getty Images / Westend61


Once you’ve finished using your avocado, you will begin the planting process by removing and cleaning its pit. It is recommended to be careful while slicing, to not cut into the seed or remove any of its brown skin. After removing the pit, soak it for a few minutes in a cup of water to clean it from any remaining stains. Once your avocado pit is perfectly clean, lightly pat it down. All avocado pits have a top from which the sprout will grow, and a bottom from where the roots will grow. To differentiate one from the other, find the top by checking for the pointy side, making the bottom the broader, flatter side.


Take 3-4 toothpicks and insert them into the avocado pit about halfway up the side tilted towards the top side, and space them more or less symmetrically around the circumference. These toothpicks will be your avocado’s structural base for ‘floating’ the water leaving the top side dry and bottom side submerged in the water. Once you have finished poking your pit, pick out a glass cup to have a full view as your avocado sprouts and clearly see the water color.


Place your pit into the glass with the toothpicks facing upwards and find a nice sunny spot for it in your home. Change the water in the cup every few days or when you see that the color has become significantly browner; doing so prevents bacteria or mold from reaching your avocado. Sprouting can take multiple weeks, but it won’t be long until you notice small changes. The top of the avocado pit will dry and crack down the middle, and the outer brown seed skin will shed. Eventually, a tiny root will surface from the bottom of the crack. With time, the root will grow and potentially branch, and finally, a small sprout will peek out.


Trim half of your plant when it reaches 5 inches. When it reaches that length again, move it to a 10-12in diameter pot, leaving the top half of the seed exposed and the bottom buried into the soil. Keep the pot where you kept your glass, or in a different sunny location! Lightly water your plant regularly to keep the soil moist, but don’t drench it too often. If you notice your plants’ leaves yellowing, you may be over-watering and should let them dry out and return to their green color.


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