How To Play Soccer

Playing soccer is fairly straightforward and most people know the basics. It is a popular game and there is very little chance of any gamer not having come across FIFA in video games or anyone interested in playing sports who has not played a game of soccer with their friends. It is a very popular game but if you haven’t had a chance to dive into it yet, then you might want to start thinking about it.


The game is played between two teams of eleven with one goalkeeper on each side. No one except the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball with their hands and that too is only in the confines of the “D” which is an allocated area on the field near your team’s goal. Each team attends to shoot the ball into the other team’s goal in order to score a point. The goalkeeper is in charge of covering the goal and is assisted by the defenders. To elaborate, each team has attackers or those who are good at shooting the ball into the goal, mid-fielders or people good at dribbling and taking the call across the field, and defenders or people who are good at blocking the other team’s attackers to defend the goal.

Coming to the fouls of the game, hurting someone, or tripling them results in a penalty or a free kick for the opposing team. The same goes for touching the ball with your hands or passing through a defender. Whether it is a penalty or a free kick depends on where the foul has occurred. If it is within the D then it is a penalty, otherwise, it is a free kick. Shooting the ball out of bounds results in a free throw or a corner kick where the opposing team gets to throw the ball in with their hands or pass it from a corner.