How To Play Eight-Ball

You might have played a game of eight-ball pool online, either on your desktop or mobile phone, and even be really good at it. However,   unless you have played on a real pool table, you will not know how good of a player you are. The online game might have you thinking that you are a champion on the pool table, and no one can beat your skill, but the real thing can be very different. In fact, the first time you set your eyes on a real pool table, it may seem like a luxurious and glamorous field of sport and might even be intimidating. Once you get used to it, however, the playing pool is the perfect past-time for all your office lunch breaks, free time, or college hangouts.


The rules of the game are fairly straightforward. You are only allowed to play the cue ball, which is the white ball. Your first pocket decides if you will be playing solids or stripes. Solids are the numbers one through seven and stripes are the ones from nine through fifteen. If your first pocket is a solid color, then you will be playing solids and the same goes for if your first pocket is a stripe color. The first one to eliminate their numbers is allowed to play the ball numbered eight. If they manage to pocket the now legal eight ball, then they win the game.

Much like a surgeon, the most important skill in the game is keeping your hand steady. You need to be focused, and accurate, and exert just the right amount of power when you hit the cue ball. You need to know your angles and have quite a bit of practice before you can call yourself good in the game. If you enjoy indoor sports and think this is the game for you, then it might be time you dive into the game.

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