How To Make The Perfect Burger

Burgers are easily one of the most eats foods throughout the world. So much so that we have restaurants and fast food places that are solely dedicated to selling burgers. After all, they are the perfect combination of everything good. You have a juicy patty, fresh letter, tomato, relish, and a variety of sauces. Now you may love getting your burger from a specific restaurant but would like to try and recreate it at home. Fun fact, at some point everyone tries to recreate their favorite burger at home. However, it isn’t always easy to do. Don’t worry though, we have you covered.

Getty images/Moment/Carlo A

There are a few key elements that take a burger form being ordinary to extraordinary. This would be your burger patty, your buns, sauces and garnish. If you really want your burger to be the best, then you should source the highest quality of each of these elements. But let’s break it down. First you need to look at your buns. Burger buns are really important to the overall taste of your burger. When looking around for duns, you really want to get the freshest buns available at the store. Alternatively, you can make your own buns if you have the time.

Next, you want to look at your burger patty. There are a variety of different burger patties. This includes beef, chicken, turkey and vegetarian. It is important to remember to cook your burger patty to your liking. Your burger patty is the star of the show which means that it has to be cooked to perfection. When it comes to garnish, it really is up to you. Only add garnish if you want to. If you are, remember that they need to be fresh so that it can complement the rest of the burger. Lastly, you will want to add some sauces. Do note that you don’t have to add any sauce if you don’t want to.

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