How To Make Food Tastier

For many beginners in the kitchen, it can be hard to stray from a rotation of a few recipes, this can become frustrating over time as you find yourself bored of eating basically the same thing from week to week but trying something completely different can be a daunting task. No one wants to run the risk of not doing it right and wasting food and money or doing everything right and just not enjoying it as much as you thought you would. So here is some what of a workaround for that. We will go over what you can add to your bag of tricks to make Tuesday lunch a bit more exciting.

Getty images/Moment/ J_art

To do this we have to look at the factors that make a meal appealing in the first place. Color is a big element. We eat with our eyes first is a saying that is completely true, and there is no shortage of brightly colored vegetables and fruits that could add that extra bit of spark to any dish you add to. Peppers are a great example of this as they come in a variety of colors and add great flavor to a dish. The next element of your dish you should look at should be the texture. Sometimes when making simple dishes all of the textures can get muddled together and feel the same in your mouth.

Adding something with a bit of a crunch to an otherwise soft dish can make a world of difference. Temperature is another factor to look at pairing something warm and something cold but with this, you also have to take the temperature outside into consideration. Then we move on to heavy vs light, this can mean pairing rich and heavy with something light and tart. This is where you will be able to play around more and mix and match.