How to Make Better Tasting Instant Coffee

Before you tell us that there’s no way instant coffee will ever taste as good as brewed coffee, let us explain why these tips are so important. It’s true, instant coffee will never be anywhere as good as ground coffee – and we don’t think it’s even meant to be that tasty -, but sometimes it is all that’s available to us. If you have ever found yourself in a hotel lobby trying to figure out what to do with those creamer cups and packets of instant coffee and how to turn your continental breakfast options into something decent – we’re here to help.




Instant Coffee On Tea Spoon With Glass Coffee Cup Background

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When it comes to instant coffee, anything you add to it will have a huge impact on your drink – and that includes the water you use. Using filtered water (or bottled water if that’s what you have) will help you avoid the not-so-nice taste that tap water might have, which would compete with the taste of your coffee. Besides, we recommend dissolving your instant coffee in a little bit of cold water before pouring boiling water into your cup. This is meant to dissolve the granules slowly, making your beverage less bitter.




Instant coffee

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Creamer is a great option for people who don’t like the acidity of instant coffee. If the cold water trick isn’t enough to make your drink smoother, adding a little bit of creamer will definitely help make it richer. Another option is adding a little bit of cocoa powder to your coffee.


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