How Human Are Animals?

We think that we are very different than animals, but with more and more research, we are now seeing that we are in fact quite similar to the many creatures among us.

For one, the personality traits of chimpanzees have been found to overlap with those of humans. This may be due to genetic similarities, but there are some who argue that human nature is to protect themselves against the outside world.

Crows are known to have a very keen sense of memory and vision, together these skills combined make for exceptional reasoning skills, similar to those of humans.  If you observe crows you will notice that they do not need to be trained.

Another example is big cats, which although are incredibly loveable, extra weight can be a sign of emotional issues, similar to humans.  According to experts, cats and dogs alike comfort eat just like we do when feeling emotional or bored.  Veterinarians have found it to be very difficult to treat the poor diets of cats and dogs.

The most obvious animal that is similar to humans is probably mice, since they are most commonly used in experiments to discover medical treatments for humans.  From a biological perspective, mice and humans are very similar. We also overlap with mice when it comes to facial expressions.

When comparing humans to animals, mostly we think about vertebrates. However crayfish, just like humans experience high anxiety. Other animals of course will experience anxiety as well, but crayfish are the creatures that react most similarly to humans.

Humans possess episodic memory, which refers to the way in which we recall things that occurred without having to encode the specific memory.  Dogs also have this type of memory, showing that this is not merely an evolutionary trait that primates had.

When it comes to animals with complex emotions and intellect, Elephants are usually the first to come to mind. In fact, so much so that elephants actually have a mourning period when a family member passes away. This mourning period last for multiple days and they cover the body with dirt.

Cows, despite being herd animals have very specific social structures which affects the way they act. A cow will chose to sleep next to the cow that he feels closest with. There is also a hierarchy system with leaders of the herds.

So while there is not one animal that possesses all human traits, it still appears that we share quite a few traits.