How Did Jordan’s Come To Be So Popular?

There’s no doubt that Jordan’s are up there as the most fashionable and unattainable shoe of our modern times. They come in a variety of different shapes and styles making each shoe so unique in its own right. The prices range from an average of $145 to thousands of dollars for a pair. They are no longer just basketball shoes but statement pieces. How exactly did the shoes come to influence sneaker culture in such a major way?

Jordan’s popularity partially stems from the level of exclusivity that it offers, incomparable to other footwear of its type. The shoes are manufactured with extremely high-quality materials like calfskin and premium leather making them very durable and comfortable. Buyers can select from a wide range of colors and styles according to their preferences but it’s not so easy to purchase as they are so highly sought over. There is a large market of consumers who purchase the sneakers as soon as they are released only to resell them years later as they go up in value with time. There are vintage and limited edition Jordans that are considered very exclusive and albeit more expensive.

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Jeremy Moeller

The shoes’ desirability and value have increased over time as popular actors, celebrities, and athletes have been sporting the shoe. Jordan’s have gained popularity from influencer culture and this further increases their allure. They have become a status symbol and a privilege for people to own.

For other people, Jordans are not solely appreciated for their prestige but also for their representation of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan’s excellence on the basketball court was an inspiration for so many fans around the world.  There is a universal and commercial belief that owning Jordan’s shoes will create a connection with him. His signature sneakers stand the test of time (since 1985) and only continue their rise.

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