Houses in the Middle of Nowhere

Much of civilization has been a process of finding novel and effective ways to keep nature out of our hair and out of our bedrooms. But there have been people who have purposely rejected the comforts of urban life in exchange for a more natural alternative. Here are a few examples of life taking a turn for the undomesticated.


The Crystal Mill, Colorado, USA


House by a river

Gettyimages/ Brad McGinley Photography/ Moment


Towering above the Crystal River is the Crystal Mill. In the late 19th century, this spectacular piece of architecture utilized cutting-edge industrial technology to power the Sheep Mountain Tunnel Mine. Today, the Crystal Mill is one of the most photographed attractions in Colorado.



Cappadocia Rock Houses, Turkey


Rock houses on hills

Gettyimages/ Nicola Micheletti/ Moment


Huge, contorted rock formations bloom all across the Cappadocia region of Central Turkey. Inside these twisted sculptures made of tuff (which is solidified volcanic ash), living rooms, churches, and monasteries have been delicately carved and hollowed out for centuries. The Rock Houses remain inhabited even today, which makes them one of the most unique and eccentric places in the world to be called home.


House on Drina River, Serbia


House in a River

Gettyimages/ Paul Biris/ Moment


There is an unnamed house poised on a shoe-shaped boulder in the midst of the Drina river. Located in Tara National Park, the house was built in 1968 by a group of swimmers who desperately sought shelter. The rising tide of the river has destroyed the house seven times, yet the local population of the neighboring towns has reconstructed it time and time again.