Hotel On Runway Offers Guests A Different Kind of Relaxation

Every travel envy person loves to find the best of the best places. Whether it’s the hotel they are staying at or the best bar to enjoy a drink at, these adventures know it all.

Just recently, a new kind of hotel experience was launched at John F. Kennedy airport in New York. This luxury hotel has completely put a twist on the idea of luxury travel. As the hotel is sitting on Terminal 5 of the runway, giving visitors and hotel guests a view of a lifetime.

The hotel is overlooking working runway 4L/22R, according to Mirror online. In order to get a glimpse at all the action, there are two amazing ways that can be accomplished. If you are in the mood to catch some rays, you can go the infinity pool overlooking the entire runway. If not, you have the ability to go to the observation deck that is a whopping 10,000 sq ft, according to Mirror online.

If you are not a guest at the hotel, you are given the opportunity to still dive into all the fun. In order to spend the day at the pool and bar, all you have to do is make a reservation. It is as simple as that.

During the winter time, TWA hotel will continue to have the pool open to envious travelers by continuing to heat it all year long.

Due to the change of seasons in New York, the hotel will be heating the pool during the winter time so guests can enjoy it all year long. Another great advantage of TWA hotel, is the accessibility to get on the next flight to an unknown destination.

Instead of having to wake up early to ensure you don’t miss your flight, you now can get up and walk right over to your terminal with absolutely no hassles. Sounds great, right?

TWA hotel is seriously every travelers dream making travel and relaxation easy and fun. Next time you need the ultimate getaway spot, just know that TWA offers just that.

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