Hot Drinks to get you Winter Ready

The one thing everybody loves about winter is snuggling up in bed with a good movie while clutching a hot beverage. There’s a selection of options to suit your mood, whether it’s hot cocoa, a spicy chai latte, or a comforting matcha tea, read on to find out how to elevate your winter beverage to another level.

The Perfect Classic Chai

Getty Images/ Moment/ Cris Cantón

Chai is one of those nourishing drinks that’s a whole vibe. Its special aromatic spices and flavors make us feel so cozy and fulfilled. The word Chai simply means tea, while the word Masala, which is often paired with it, means spice. Preparing it at home is fairly simple; here are a few tips for making Indian chai at home. First things first, it’s best to make the tea on a saucepan for a more aromatic and authentic taste. Keep the tea brewing for some time so it can absorb all the flavors. Some of the most popular spice options include cinnamon ginger, coles, fennel, and star anise. Depending on your personal preference you can choose to add sweetener in the form of honey or other natural syrups.

Hot Cocoa

Getty Images/ Getty Images News/ Giorgio Perottino

If you’re really looking to indulge in a tasty cup of cocoa be sure to get some marshmallows to fluff up the texture of your beverage. You can get extra thick and creamy milk combined with real chocolate bits to make the hot chocolate of your fantasy.

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