Hot Dog Water

Those who were lucky enough to attend the recent Car Free Day Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia also had the exciting opportunity to purchase one of the most bizarre and unique health food products known to man kind – unfiltered hot dog water.

It’s gluten-free, full of electrolytes and sodium, keto-compatible and is packaged in a trendy and sleek glass bottle. It’s got everything we could ever want in a health food product. Priced at $38 a bottle, it even matches up well with the health food craze.

It’s similar to smart or raw waters on the market, coming with a wide variety of supposed health benefits.  This completely hilarious health food creation is the work of Douglas Evans, an artist who refereed to it as a commentary on product marketing, especially so in the health world.

Evans explains that his goal in creating this Hot Dog Water was to encourage consumers to use their critical thinking skills when making purchases.  Evans spent about $1,200 making this unfiltered hot dog water, and people at the festival actually bought approximately 60 liters of it.

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