Honor Your Pet By Making Them Royalty

For all of you pet owners out there who are stuck at home right now, looking for some entertainment, we have exactly what you need to keep you smiling and laughing endlessly.  Have you ever considered purchasing a portrait of your adorable feline friend as royalty? Well, probably not, but now you surely have after we put this incredible in your head. Crown & Paw is a very special company whose mission is to give loving pet owners the chance to give their pets the respect and attention that they deserve by creating some seriously comical portraits of them as royalty. From princes, ladies, generals, kings, or really any royal title that you wish to give your pet, Crown & Paw has got you more than covered. 

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They offer a unique collection of seriously authentic-looking 19th-century portraits, combining them with your pet portraits to make one epic final product for you to enjoy.  You can customize your royal pet portrait on their website by simply uploading any high-quality photo of your pet and then choosing your favorite renaissance for them to wear. Although the designers at Crown & Paw are incredibly talented, it’s still important to make sure that the angle of the photo will fit well in the costume so that it looks as realistic as possible, as though they are really wearing it! 

While you’re surely about to go order your own pet portrait right now, you’re also likely asking yourself how in the world this became an actual thing, right? Don’t worry, we all are. Well, one of the founders of the royal pet portrait company shared that it actually just started out as a fun project that was thought up while biking through Amsterdam and visiting some of the world’s most beautiful art galleries. If you were looking for a way to honor your pet, then look no further!

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