Hong Kong Water Pipe Micro-Houses

With real-estate prices soaring in the past decade, developers have been on a mission to create tiny houses.

Hong Kong’s James Law Cybertecture has joined this tiny house movement with their new Opod Tube House. These homes are made from concrete pipe.

Hong Kong is among the most highly populated city on the planet and prices of homes have seen the highest yet in the past year.  An apartment this year was sold for $6916 USD per square foot, making it the most expensive apartment in Asia.

These soaring prices have led over 200,000 people to reside in tiny homes that are smaller than 62 square feet. Some people only have a caged bed due to the high prices. Statistics from the government reveal that inadequate housing has increased by an entire 9% merely in one year.

James Law Cybertecture architects took this situation as a chance to create affordable homes for the people of Hong Kong, where the Opod Tube House came about. The repurposed homes are only eight feet in diameter, and the tubes can fit one to two people in a 1000 square feet space.

They are fully equipped with all living amenities with stacked functions, like a bed that folds up into a living room bench.  The tube itself weights 22 tons per home, but regardless are very easy to install and are secured to each other.  The idea of the pods is to utilize spaces that would usually be left empty.

The architects explain that there is often empty narrow land in between buildings where a building cannot be built, but an Opod sure can.  The envisioned plan is for Opods to be set up under bridges and in alleyways, and any other small urban spaces.

Some groups, unrelated the government do not feel as though this is a good enough long term solution to the Hong Kong housing crisis, and stress that the government must work harder to build more public housing.

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