Holy Water Nike Shoes

Despite the hefty price tag of $3,000 a pair, Nike Air Max 97 shoes was sold out minutes within its release. What’s so special about these sneakers other than the fact that they are Nike branded? 

The transparent sole of the sneaker is actually filled with holy water taken from the Jordan River. Not only was the water taken from the Jordan River, but is reported to have also been blessed by a priest. 

These unique shoes are known officially as MSCHF x INRI Jesus Shoes, and the project is not affiliated with Nike themselves. MSCHF took the white Nike Air Max 97s and gave them a holy makeover using the metaphor of walking on water. 

Other than the holy water found in the soles of the shoes, the holy shoes have a variety of other Christian symbols, such as a Bible verse about Jesus walking on water, as well as red dot that is intended to represent Jesus.

Attached to the laces of these sneakers is also a crucifix, and the insoles are frankincense scented. It doesn’t get more holy than that! 

These sneakers might seem slightly over the top, and that’s exactly what the company intended – to show just how far this collaboration culture has gone. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped sales from skyrocketing, even with the abnormal price tag on these shoes. 

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