Holographic Circus

Come on, come all! Circus Roncalli is here to show the world a new kind of show. As they use holographic images in replace of wild animals, this circus act will blow all of our minds.

Over decades, people have been activist on not allowing circuses to use live animals in there shows. As we all know, these animals are meant to be living in the wild. Circuses have taken away the freedom of animals in the wild by keeping them in small cages, abusing them and using them for nothing but a good performance.

Since this was and still is an issue for many, circuses all over the country have either been shut down or have changed there ways of performance. One circus in particular has done the unthinkable by still putting on a show of a lifetime without the use of animals.

Early on, Circus Roncalli saw the use of wild animals as an issue. Until recently they still used domestic horses in their shows but have now made the executive decision to cut out all animals together. Using larger than life holograms to replace the live animals, this circus fully represents the meaning of life and activism.

Even though these animals are not real, the holograms still give the audience the wow factor they desire. As the elephants wave there trunks in air and stand on their hind legs, audience members can still gain the same feeling as before just different.

Thanks to Circus Roncalli and other shows, the use of wild animals has slowly become extinct. As activist continue to support wild animals, we are sure to see more change to come soon.

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