Hired To Do Nothing

Getting paid to do absolutely nothing sounds rather tempting, now doesn’t it? Well if this is your dream, then you may very well be the perfect candidate for a new Swedish project.

As part of their government funded art project, they plan to hire someone for a job that comes with absolutely no responsibility. The very lucky person that gets the job only has one, very simple task, which is to punch a time clock at a train station.

By punching the clock, it will set off fluorescent lights over the platform of the train, allowing everyone to know that this employee did their incredibly simple job. Afterwards, the person is allowed to carry on their day as they please, as long as they return to turn the lights off at the end of the day.

Furthermore, they are allowed to quit whenever they please, and at the same time, they also can’t be fired, as the position comes with a life guarantee. Whoever is given this dream job will receive a monthly salary of $2,320, and on top of the pay, will also be given a vacation days and a wide variety of employee benefits.

If you’re wondering how to apply for this job, you’re going to have to be patient unfortunately. Since the train station is under construction at the moment, the job will only be relevant in 2026. Get in line, and you might get lucky!

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