Hippie Haven
In the incredibly picturesque Kullu district on the banks of the Parvati River is the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, where the tiny village of Kasol is to be found. It’s known as the backpacker’s paradise, or hippie haven. It’s full of tourists, mainly Israelis, who have made it their home.
The village of Kasol is the ideal combination of a carefree spirit and a laid-back lifestyle. It’s overloaded with adorable hipster cafes, nature, breathtaking views of snow-caped mountains, and no shortage of trekking trails. It’s a dream retreat.
The scenery in Kasol is completely stunning, with tons of things to do, such as hiking, trekking and camping. There are a wide variety of treks to choose from, that range in difficulty.  One of the easier treks leads to Kheer Ganga, at an elevation of 13,000 feet and offers hot springs while enjoying unbeatable views.
The river is full of trout and is a great spot for fishing, however permission must be granted prior from the Forest Department.  Rafting can also be done in the Parvati River.
There are several small villages close to Kasol, such as Chalal village, which is best known for it’s trance forest parties.  The village of Malana is also in close proximity, and attracts the most hippie of tourists, as they grow their own high quality cannabis.
The food also will surely not disappoint, as the Israeli influence in Kasol is highly dominant. Here you will find plenty of authentic Israeli cuisine such as hummus, falafel and shakshuka.
The guesthouses in Kasol range from budget to luxury, and homestays are available as well, providing a local experience.  The village is easily accessible, with a nearby airport and railway station.

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