Hidden Airbnb Cameras

When it comes to recording guests staying at Airbnb properties, the policy has been made quite clear. Hosts of the apartment rental platform are only allowed to have cameras with the prior consent of the guests, and are not allowed to have the devices record in any form of bedroom or bathroom.

However Airbnb unfortunately has not been strict enough on it’s policy when it comes to hosts that fail to correctly follow the set rules of the company.

A recent story came out about a family in New Zealand that found that they were not only being filmed by their Airbnb host, but even more to their horror, they also discovered that it was being live streamed, after seeing themselves on one of their cell phones.

After the case was investigated, the family was told that Airbnb in fact had not broken it’s policies, and that the listing would remain available on Airbnb. Only once the family took things to social media was the host taken off the rental platform.  This case is only one of many.

Nearly three million hosts use Airbnb to either supplement their income, and in some cases it serves at their entire income.  It would only make sense then that hosts should fear getting caught having a hidden camera, and in some cases may even go to extreme measures to ensure that they aren’t – causing guests to also be fearful, and sometimes flee the apartment without reporting a camera they’ve discovered.

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