Herschel Supply Backpacks Are Growing Up

There’s a good chance that you haven’t heard the name Herschel Supply (unless you’re from that small village in Saskatchewan), but there’s no way that you aren’t familiar with their bags, seen on the back of every single preppy hipster hanging out at Starbucks.

The founding brother’s of Herschel Supply Co., Jamie and Lyndon Cormack initially launched their brand in 2009 with the goal of their products being heritage.  What they meant by this what that they wanted their bags to look as though they were vintage and had been around forever. In hipster terms, this means that it has a very classic and clean look. You probably thought those bags were totally vintage, right? Their intention was a success.

Herschel Supply Co. were very quickly discovered by GQ magazine as well as Urban Outfitters, the hipster haven. With this their sales increased by an entire 900 percent within one year alone (from 2010 to 2011). The following year they continued to rise by 350 percent. These bags became the biggest trend and were everywhere. It’s simple to see why. It’s clean, simple and aestheticaly pleasing.

However Herschel Supply has decided to launch a new collection on full power. A limited edition model called the ApexKnit. What’s so special about it? It’s made with forged rubber, has dual-density EVA infused padding and special seatbelt webbing that offers flexibility without effecting the shape of the bag.

Herschel Supply is making a clear statement that they want to grow up and change their reputation of being the hipster backpack. Their heritage collection will still be available for purchase since it’s their top selling collection, but the brand has expressed their need to keep up with the latest trends as well, and make products that are suitable to all styles.

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