Helping People Get Sick

Although most people would never even dare to use a tissue that’s already been sneezed on, let alone pay the hefty price of $80 for one, a Los Angeles startup claims to have already sold nearly a thousand.

Some people actually want to catch a virus in order to not get the same cold later on, similar to how parents give their children the chicken pox on purpose.  The company, Vaev, refers to themselves as a wellness brand, although what they are actually doing is helping people get sick.

Who would pay for such a thing? Well, according to Vaev, people who are open minded, and who appreciate having the flexibility and the luxury of choosing when to get sick and having it on their own terms.  This is ideal for people that are about to go on vacation and want to reduce their risk of being sick while traveling.

While these tissues could immunize you from a cold virus that you decided to give yourself, there are still hundreds of other viruses that you can catch.

Nonetheless, however the company still continues to produce these tissues and has 10 to go sneezers that sneeze into a batch of tissues and then they are mailed to customers.

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