Held Hostage By Seagulls

Brenda and Roy Pickard, a United Kingdom couple has recently claimed that they were actually, believe it or not, held hostage by two seagulls.

Whenever the elderly couple would attempt to leave their home, the birds who nested on their roof would become highly aggressive and would actually attack them.

Sounds like Hitchcock’s Birds has come to life, right? Maybe even worse. 

Whenever Roy would try even just opening their door, two very angry birds would come squealing. Once, he even tried going outside and was hit on the head so badly that he was rushed to the hospital.

The two of them are completely terrified, and at the moment are only able to leave through their garage door without leaving the car just when they have to do some grocery shopping. 

Despite endless complaints to authorities, no one has come up with a good enough solution just yet, and the best idea so far has been to simply build a small gazebo by the house so that Brenda can go to her medical appointments without being attacked.

While we are all for animal rights, something needs to be done about this strange hostage situation.

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