Heelless Running Shoes

Upon first glance, it appears as though this running shoe by FBR, a Spanish start-up is incomplete.  The idea of a heelless shoe was first thought up by sports trainer Franc Beneyto five years ago.

Beneyto read the book ”Running with the Kenyans” by journalist and runner Adharanand Finn, who lived in Kenya for several months in order to research how athletes in such places are able to run so much faster, as well as why they are less commonly injured.

In his book, he described how the Kenyans had a more natural running technique that does not require any support from the heel. Instead, they use their calf muscle, soleus, plantar arch and the Achilles tendon.

This inspire Beneyto so much that he cut off the heel of his running shoe with a knife to see what it would be like.  After going out for a run with his newly cut shoe, he described the sensation as an incredible one, filled with freedom and power.

A few months later, he met up with a doctor that specializes in biomechanics, and together they analyzed his new running shoe concept.  The results were so surprising that they even presented at various Podiatry and Biomechanics congresses across the world.

The heelless shoe was found to minimize impact due to the fact that it promotes a unique running technique, and in turn, prevent joint injuries.

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