Hectic New Years Day

From the second people wake up on December 31st, they automatically start preparing for something we all refer to as New Year’s Eve. The beginning but the end of the greatest of years, 2019!

As people get ready for their big night, they hit all the stores that would have the best supplies to decorate there ever so great homes or apartments. Filling them with all things 2020. Balloons, streamers, sparklers, you name it.

With these new years’ day preparations in full effect, it is essential that everyone steers clear of the roads especially as it gets closer to striking midnight. Why? Well, due to the immense amount of parties, outings, and dinners that will be occurring sooner than later, the roads tend to become more unsafe.

In the event that one can not get home safely, stay where located and figure out a game plan before getting behind the wheel and driving. Any new year’s eve plan is not worth risking anyone’s life including your own.

So, with that being said, stay safe, be responsible and make smart decisions that will lead you into the new and exciting year of 2020!

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