Heartwarming Adoption Day

A story that has been making headlines throughout the media world is a five-year-old boy at his adoption hearing. What makes this instance beyond heartwarming is that his entire kindergarten class showed up to his adoption hearing.

In support of their classmate, Michael, his teacher planned with his soon to be legal guardians, that the entire class should come in support of his adoption. Not knowing that this was going to be the case, Michael showed up to his adoption hearing with an entire fan club sitting right behind him.

Adoption day is already sentimental within itself but having his classmates there to cheer him on and congratulate him on this big day is unbelievable. While in the hearing, the judge took great notice of the presence of the children. At one point, the judge turned it over to the children to explain how much Michael’s friendship and presence meant to them.

Overjoyed and overwhelmed with joy, love, and support, Michaels’s adoption day couldn’t have gone any smoother than expected. If anything, it was a day filled with happiness and laughter, so much that one couldn’t explain the feelings they felt in that courtroom.

If one would like to be a part of Michael’s journey to becoming legally adopted by his foster parents, the video is available on many news sources.

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