Hatching An Egg In Her Bra

Although it sounds highly strange, a woman in California has gained herself no shortage of attention and praise for her efforts to help hatch a duck egg. Betsy Ross found the duck egg in a park after someone smashed all the duck nests, and decided to take matters in her own hands, with the help of some begging from her children too. Since she didn’t have an actual incubator, Betsy incubated the one surviving egg in her bra for more than a month. Yes, you heard that right, she incubated the duck egg in her bra for over 30 days, carrying it with her literally everywhere she went.

Before she set off on this journey, she tried to seek help from her local wildlife rescue organization, but was told that they don’t take these eggs, and felt as though she was left with no choice but to hatch the egg herself, even if it meant keeping it in her bra, which was the warmest and safest spot that came to mind. She learned that her sweat would also be great for the duck egg, and the rest is history. Betsy even slept with the duck egg in her bra, and the only time the two were separated was during Besty’s showers, which she thankfully carried out as per usual.  But she still made sure not to leave the egg alone even during her showers, giving it to her husband to keep an eye on. 

Betsy discovered throughout the process, that the duck egg would need more humidity than just her sweat – meaning her bra wasn’t going to cut it, leading her to create a hatching box herself.  The duck egg experienced some challenges along the way in her box,  but thanks to Betsy who did everything she possibly could, researching online and contacting vets, she managed to save this little duckling’s life and successfully hatch him! While Betsy didn’t end up raising him, she did make sure that he was given the home he deserves at a local farm. 

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