Hacking Into Your Car Engine

While most of us know hacking to be a field to fear only on the internet, one hacker has recently shown that it goes far beyond what we know. In fact, he has demonstrated that hackers are even capable of making it to your car’s engine.

This unidentified hacker managed to make his way into not one, but two vehicle monitoring apps, iTrack and ProTrack, and follow the locations of certain cars, as well as access the owner’s personal details, and then shut down the car engine’s – completely remotely.

The two apps that the hacker targeted are generally used by companies to monitor groups of cars. The hacker claims to have performed the attack in order to show how cybersecurity isn’t quite strong enough to prevent real dangers and serves as a wake-up call that all security practices need to be double, triple checked.  Believe it or not, more than twenty-seven thousand hacked accounts used the password of 123456.

Similar to how an employer can monitor each car from a map view, the hackers can too, and are also capable of killing any engine their heart desires that is traveling at less than twelve miles per hour.  The anonymous hacker even proudly shared that he could create traffic anywhere in the world.

While the hacker demanded ransom from both of the apps, he claimed that his main goal was to protect the customers of the app from being hacked again.

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