Guinea Pig Flavored Ice Cream

María del Carmen Pilapaña, a woman in Ecuador has made it to recent headlines for her seriously unusual, yet somehow incredibly popular new ice cream flavor.

Believe it or not, it’s guinea pig flavor. Yep, you heard that right, your favorite little house pet…as an ice cream flavor!

In South America though, guinea pigs are seen in a slightly different light and are traditionally cooked with salt, potatoes and peanut sauce.  Having it now in an ice cream flavor however is still not exactly normal, even in Ecuador. 

It’s almost like making a beef flavored ice cream flavor in North America, which mostly likely wouldn’t see too much success.  But somehow, this strange delicacy has been explosive. 


Maria thought up the unique idea for the ice cream roughly a year ago, after attending a variety of cooking fairs and workshops. At an annual Guinea Pig Fair, she got inspired to try out the ice cream flavor, and a month later, she had already perfected the recipe. 

She serves each serving with crushed peanuts on top for $1 a cone from a small stall off of the highway. Maria has expressed interest in making more meat flavored ice creams in the future.

Any takers? 

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