Gross Mac and Cheese Recipes That Are Actually Delicious

It’s high time to admit that Mac and Cheese is pretty much here to stay. In fact, it’s probably a classic staple of American cuisine (despite our best efforts to persuade the world that we aren’t a bunch of uncultured calorie-vacuum-cleaners). Yet some of us haven’t even made ourselves a pot of that gooey, yellow masterpiece, and even fewer of us have actually made an effort to materialize a truly outlandish Mac and Cheese recipe. And what does that say about us as Americans? We don’t feel like pondering that question, but we did feel like compiling our own brief list of unconventional Mac and Cheese dishes, so that we can all realize our manifest destiny and become that much more unapologetically American.

Mac and Green

Gettyimages / Eugene Mymrin / Moment

It goes like this: Melt butter over medium-low heat, add flour, whisk it all together for a minute or two, pour in the milk. add salt, add pepper, add onion powder, had some cayenne, you can even add some mustard if you’re feeling brave, stir them all together. remove the heat, and then, finally, add the cheese. But wait, the fun’s just begun. This is where you add spinach. A lot of spinach. So much spinach, that your pasta will turn nasty green. Enjoy your monster meal.