“Grandpa Kitchen”: The 73-Year-Old YouTuber Who Cooked Huge Meals For Orphans

If you ever needed a daily dose of wholesomeness, Narayana Reddy’s YouTube channel is it. The 73-year-old Indian grandpa used his culinary abilities to make massive-sized meals to feed local orphans – and taught the internet how to cook along the way,

Reddy, known to his beloved followers as Grandpa Kitchen, gained over six-million subscribers in just two years. But he didn’t cook those gigantic portions of food in order to gain more internet traction, but rather so that every orphan in his community could be fed. And he didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity either – every one of his colorful meals looked mouthwateringly tasty.

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Among the dishes he taught his fans to prepare were KFC-style chicken, chicken biryani, pizza, donuts, and many others.

People around the world were devastated to hear the news of his passing in October 2019. He had posted a video with live updates about his health condition which was quickly worsening. His passing is truly a loss to humanity. Fortunately, his legacy of helping people in need lives on, as all the proceeds from his viral videos are being donated to charities.

And of course, he lives on through his heartwarming videos, which begin with him reciting the daily mantra, “Loving, caring, sharing: this is my family.”

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