Grandfather Of The Year

The grandfather of the year award goes to a man by the name of Doug Hayes. Hayes is a resident of the Portland, Oregon area and for his 59th birthday and Christmas gift, he decided to go above and beyond all for his grandchildren. As a grandfather of 10 kids, Hayes decided that there would be nothing greater than being able to take his grandchildren to school every day.

As Hayes started researching, he found a bus on a facebook marketplace. Soon after purchasing the bus, they completed some renovations. Adding seatbelts. Making it decorative. With one of the finishing touches being the name of the bus. With Hayes’s dedication to his grandchildren and getting them to school, they decided to name this mobile the ‘Grandfather Express.”

Just before Christmas, the family decided to gather all the children together and surprise them with none the less a yellow school bus. As the school bus pulled up to the house, the kid’s reactions were priceless. Grandpa Hayes got the reaction he wanted and couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Once school starts back up after the holidays, bus driver Hayes will be taking his 10 grandchildren to school every day in the ‘Grandfather Express.’

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