Gourmet Fried Air

A restaurant in a small Italian town has come up with a rather unique and strange way to stand out against their competition. And that would be serving their patrons to a gourmet dish of fried air.  No joke.

The head chef, Nicola Dinato of Feva Restaurant in the town of Castelfranco Veneto wanted to have the outdoor feeling captured in a dish, and there created the very first fried air.  The name however, is slightly misleading, since it’s not actually just air.

This crispy dish is made from tapioca that is baked first, and then deep fried.  There is however, some air involved in the process, or at least a component of it – ozone. After the tapioca skin is baked, it’s infused with ozone for 10 minutes, giving it a special scent.

The crispy fried air is then placed on top of cotton candy, to give a feeling that it’s clouds.  It’s then served for $30 per serving, making it the priciest air out there. However an employee claims that this report is false, and that it’s actually offered to all guests for free as a welcome upon entering.

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