Google’s Phone Calling AI

Back in May, Google announced it’s super futuristic feature known as Duplex. It’s basically a Google Assistant service that calls the business of your choice. For example, it can make a reservation at a restaurant for you, or book you a hair cut at the salon.

The tech world went crazy over it clearly, introducing the AI era. But still, it came with some ethical concerns as well, such as if it’s fair to the person they are calling? Google now has responded to all of the questioning and doubts about the technology.

Apparently, Duplex will only work at a limited amount of businesses that Google already works with. This way everyone who is getting called from it has already agreed and knows what they are getting into.

But how does this service really help us in all honesty? Are we actually so incredibly busy that we can’t make a phone call for a minute or two to book something? Especially since many things can be booked online, it seems a little unnecessary, and it seems as though many us have simply been taken away by Google’s technology.

Nonetheless, Google is still going in strong with their new project and is trying very hard to make it impossible to tell the difference between Duplex and a human being.

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