Google Flights’ Price Match

As summer is coming to an end, it is important to take the last bit of it and savor it. In order to escape before the stresses of everyday life hit, vacation is sometimes needed. As we all know, planning that perfect vacation can tend to be a bit on the overwhelming side.

This is why search engines have come up with ways to help desperate travelers plan their perfect vacation, making it as affordable and easy as possible. One of the most popular search engines is Google Flights’ Price Match (Available till August 2nd). This website guarantees its price predictions for the flights of your wanting.

To simplify how it works, Google predicts the cost of the itineraries booked and if they guarantee the price will not drop, they will refund the difference if it does. Until your flight, Google will continue to monitor the prices, just in case anything changes. Once you take off, you can later claim your savings from the lower flight price, which will then be deposited directly into the user’s bank account. Sounds simple and efficient right?

Well, there is one catch that is important to be aware of… the price difference must be greater than 5 dollars and in total, you can receive $500 back for all the flights booked with Google price guarantee. If confused by the concept of Google price match, it is recommended one goes directly to their website in order to find out all specific details. Then soon off, desperate vacationers will be up, up and away on their much-needed vacation.

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